Accommodating employees with asperger syndrome

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Accommodating employees with asperger syndrome

Newly formed and existing consumer driven groups, such as the Asperger Syndrome Training and Employment Partnership (ASTEP), are combining forces with voluntary agencies, universities, philanthropic organizations, foundations, and civic minded companies to create jobs for motivated and able people who have an ASD.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), for example, is designed to ensure that people with disabilities are offered reasonable accommodations to access public places and activities. requires states to “provide services to persons with disabilities in community settings rather than institutions, if certain conditions are met” in order to comply with the ADA.

Additionally, according to the Keiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, the 1999 Supreme Court ruling in Olmstead v. If you begin to look closer, however, the only people to meet the “certain conditions” are those with severe disabilities, who need long-term services equivalent to institutional or nursing home care, and who have Medicaid.

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act protects adults with Asperger syndrome in circumstances where they only require reasonable accommodations (i.e.

Each agency is funded by approximately 80% federal and 20% state money , and each provides or pays for a range of vocational services, (such as job training, assistive technology, job placement, interest assessments, job coaching and so on).

The only caveat, however, is that the individual must meet the following basic eligibility criteria: The VR counselor who reviews the initial application for services is responsible for determining eligibility and informing the applicant of the decision.

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