Damian mcginty and hannah mcialwain dating 2016

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I could definitely see her in something much darker then Glee, something like Election 2 or Orphan 2 but I just couldn't see her fitting in to the Glee club, I can't picture who she'd be friends with nor do I think her voice is anywhere special enough to keep fans interested in her.

I do give her props on Big Spender which wasn't half bad.

So needless to say Michael frustrated the hell out of me, his personality was boring, his voice was average and his acting for the most part did nothing to blow me away, it strange that the only time I thought he was good he then was eliminated. I actually half agree with Ellis, she was a little too hard on herself and it made it not endearing, but i really can relate to her sarcasm/cynisism so i would have ranked her higher myself. I agree i dont find Abraham androgynous at all in fact i think he's quite masculine looking especially in comparison to some asian males.

Micheal overstayed his welcome IMO and he had nothing that made him Glee Project worthy in a cast of very strong contestants. I actually half agree with Ellis, she was a little too hard on herself and it made it not endearing, but i really can relate to her sarcasm/cynisism so i would have ranked her higher myself. Thank you AND you have the gorgeous Brigette as you're avatar, you must have good taste : P At top 10 it get's personal and I know people are gonna be WTF with some placing but oh well I said it'd be my own bias and they have the opportunity to do their own and rectify the situation lol Sorry I couldn't choose between these 2 gif's and this is why I loved her, she was a spicy Latina that no matter what people say, we have not had on Glee, Santana was a bitchy Latina but this girl has the real Sofia Vegara type personality that I would've LOVED on Glee.

I do love her stuff on youtube and I recommend you check it out because the girls got TALENT. JVro RJp4fk I have nothing but love for Ali, I was rooting for her from the day I first saw the Edge Of Glory promo and while others never warmed to her as quickly I think most can admit that by the end she was an impressive little comedian and singer. He was cool, sweet, caring and the whole bromance with Damian made him even more endearing, yes I do think he'd work on Glee and I think he may have won if he hadn't dropped out but for his beliefs I completely understand his reasoning for dropping out but boy did his star shine brightly when he was on this show and those dance move, Adam Levine hasn't got no moves like Jagger Cameron does.

All in all I just think that Maxfield wasn't meant for the Glee Project but I'm sure he'll go on to do great in whatever he wants to do.Dani Shay (S2 - 12th) Firstly Dani did I think Dani would leave so early? Did I think that she deserved to go home after her LCP? TXUd EApc This guy only beats out Damian for the fact that he's probably one of the best singers on The Glee Project, seriously when he sang in his multiple LCP's I was sitting there with my mouth open with no words (ironic since I have no voice at the moment), but DAMN this guy was a DIVA! t didn't stink and he didn't seem to care that he really was painting a bad picture for himself, he felt like he didn't need to improve on what hes been doing and that's why he was in the bottom so many times. Anyway theres no denying that on stage Lily is a tour de force and I enjoyed watching her for all of her LCP because you have charisma, nerve and talent (she could almost be on drag race lol), I really do feel sorry for the hate that I see on her youtube comments and I really hope this doesn't affect her career that much. Only once in the studio with Nicki on the harmonies, other than that he quite rightfully sailed his way through to the top 3 with only one tiny hiccup so Blake deserves this placing. Unfortunately I did, as I've mentioned above I really liked Daniel by Tyler and, well Lily's not on the list yet so that show's what I think about her. HOWEVER I have to say of the 3 guys who made it on to Glee he showed the most promise with his role, of course that may be because the writers really loved writing for him but I do think he's slowly redeeming himself. L8a A58 Blake was such a consistent contender it was hard to place him out of the top 10 even though my reservations with his win would've easily but him there, but the boy can act, he can sing and he can dance. My issue is obviously that he's very generic and doesn't have that character or thing about him that made him a good winner but he's still the best winner they've had IMO and I'm sure he'll do just fine on the show. He's your typical winner and his Glee role seems to fit his actual personality as the chilled christian guy so Ryan got what he wanted out of him and I think Samuel should get some props for that. However Ryan makes the rules up as he goes along anyway (wait for my write up on Shanna). I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season.

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