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If you haven't read Parts 1-2 I suggest you read those first as the characters and situations won't make much sense otherwise.

Please vote, I especially like feedback and comments, both good and bad, as this is my first storytelling experience and any help I get is appreciated.

"All this talk has my little Tina all hot and bothered I see," she said as she knelt in front of me, even though I was barely at half-mast.

I started to protest because Lisa was right there, but Julie told me to shush. "You guys are planning my life, treating me like a Barbie doll, and don't even bother to ask me what the heck I want. Let's discuss this like adults." I paused, nodded, and set the scissors down on the vanity.

Despite the embarrassment of being watched, I couldn't ignore Julie. I don't think she was happy but I couldn't maintain eye contact with her long enough to be sure. (Everything sharp mysteriously disappeared over the next few days).

I felt like I had defied the laws of gravity for so long that it had to end. Julie rushed into my arms at baggage claim, holding me tight. Julie demanded a play-by-play of the entire weekend and at each point she would stop and ask Lisa for her point of view. It bugged me that I could see her getting visually excited whenever Lisa described how "delicious" I looked in certain outfits or how much someone wanted me.

It was tiring, but I could see Julie was enthralled by it. She seemed to spend extra time dissecting it whenever it was a guy.

The exact form of the dress can vary: Since these are either skimpy and/or skintight, these outfits are major Fanservice.

Shows will often have a Mall Santa with one or more ladies wearing this, whether or not it happens in Real Life.

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