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Idatingvillage com

They had no neigh- bors, and so wore alono In the search. All night through the family sought for him with lanterns. Several of the parties lost themselves, and had to climb trees to find their way out Tho third day closed with all hope abandoned of Snde lng tho child alive Tho ouly thought now was of discovering tho body and relieving the agony of the parents, who wero well nigh dying themselvos of stisponso nnd sleeplessness. Boar mountain Is the highest Uaw J lu tho Mat.- of Connecticut (2,844 feot). The rain still continued, and a high wind accompanied it The mist hid overy objoct twenty feet nwoy. Men plunged Into swamps thut hardly a wild cot even could pen- etrate. With a light buekboard wngou they plunged Into tho wood-cart paths thot load down Into Salisbury volley Both wero experienced woods- men and knew ovary foot of the ground.

Tho To Ileum was sung, u prayer of thanksgiving was offered, i nd reports from the search- ing party were given.

surpassing any dem- onstration kuown hero oven In a polit- ical campaign.

The doctor wus sent for from Salisbury, nnd food was sparingly given him. Thu noxt evening u muss mooting of the i-ll Uou* of Salisbury was hold In the Town Hn'.l.

A mile and a half from the house tho little footprints mode by a child's bare feot In the mud by the roadside were found, and that wus the only trace of him discoverable. Applea— 10 eenta per bu ; .trleit, s lo Sc per poun.t; craporalcl, -.

carrioil toorfrom depot to any of the city r )K as CENTS. Thoy were at once alarmed, and tho outiro family set out dpon tho search before the night closed In.

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He started for the house by the first wagon ho found. Ho caught bis boy to his breast and walked up and down exclaiming: "My Utile boy l* found! " A royal ••three times three" wa* given by hundred* of voices, and then, ne a further relief to their feollogs, tho hnl was passed for tho boy'e bone- fll. Jowls— Lard— Ileflnetl, loo; exlrs choice leaf, tic.

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