Ivory coast dating

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Ivory coast dating

In the past, music has been the main forté of one social group, the griot (village entertainers).

Ivory Coast's Alpha Blondy, the world-famous reggae artist, is probably the country’s best known singer, though his music is not necessarily representative. The variety and intricacy of masks created by the people of Ivory Coast is rivaled by none. They are used mostly for representative reasons; they can symbolize lesser deities, the souls of the deceased, and even caricatures of animals.

The Akan is the major cultural group of the Ivory Coast, with a population of approximately 8 million.

The Baule, the Akye, the Anye, the Asante and the Aowin are all Akan peoples.

The major Muslim holiday is Ramadan, a month when everyone fasts between sunrise and sunset, in accordance with the fourth pillar of Islam.

Ramadan ends with a huge feast, Eid al-Fitr, where everyone prays together, visits friends, gives presents and stuffs oneself with food.

Roughly one-third of the indigenous population lives in the north, including Voltaic peoples in the northeast and Mandé in the northwest.

Attiéké (grated cassava) is a popular Ivorian side dish.They are considered sacred and very dangerous; as such, only certain powerful individuals and families are permitted to own them, and only specially-trained individuals may wear the masks.It is held to be dangerous for others to wear ceremonial masks, because it is believed that each mask has a soul, or life force, and that when a person's face comes in contact with the inside of the mask, the person is transformed into the entity the mask represents.Among the Akan-speaking peoples of southern Ghana and adjacent Ivory Coast, ritual pottery and figurative terracottas are used in connection with funeral practices that date at least to the 17th century.Much of what we know about ancient Akan customs comes to us in the form of oral histories which have survived for several hundred years.

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