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Live roomcam

There were plenty of healthy options still on the board.

I don't understand the reluctance to actually help the defense by getting defensive players, and/or getting defensive players that aren't in rehab for the next two seasons.

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Why are you guys so negative about Jaylon when the Cowboys doctors and coaches seem to be fine with it and when talking to Jaylon sounded like he is on target for a complete recovery. you really didn't need to put the second sentence ..... they're all idiots, he could do it better himself ... I gather it's possible to have an MRI with metal bits included but I think a cat scan must be safer ...... (Listen) this is a joke, not only is Jaylon Smith not playing in 2016 , he won't be able to gain any ( NFL ) playing experience .which means he is an untested inexperienced rookie in 2017 , So see you in 2018 !!! As a Cowboy fan the arrogance of many Cowboy fans is embarrassing.

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The live clean room video will be available on Ustream TV on Feb. The roaming laboratory will carry a Swiss army-like toolkit to explore sites on Mars that may be favorable for supporting microbial life. After the event, video of the chat will be archived for later viewing on the same site in the "video clips" box. id=786 › An archived Webcast lecture on the mission is at:

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