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I'm talking to this wonderful girl, watching myself committing to paying for her schooling and a plane ticket back to where I live. Return Home With Tales To Tell This is what distinguishes Thailand from other destinations. But once you get a feel for it, you'll be able to interact quite naturally with the girls while gaining respect – and the benefits that go along with that respect. Girl #1 soon sizes up the situation and starts giving you 'special' attention. There's a casual, sensual ease (with more than a hint of sexuality).

I remember what you said about the 'Girlfriend Experience', yet I couldn't stop myself. You will be taken into the girls’ lives - for better or worse. The mood is broken and you're thinking, " Face (What Thai Girls Fundamentally Want) This all-important concept that permeates every aspect of Asian life also permeates our little honeys as well. Unlike back home, the chance of getting 'lucky' is pretty much guaranteed. How about shooting pool at an open-air bar while a sweet young thing fusses over you making sure your glass is always full, and placing cool moist towels on your hot neck and fevered brow?

Is it any wonder that Thai girls are the downfall of many a man?

Think of Thailand as an accelerated relationship course.

Unadulterated Hedonism Threesomes: Every man's favorite fantasy At last! You can't stop grinning in anticipation as you strut back to your hotel with a babe hanging onto each arm... While doing one girl, the other hides in the bathroom. You begin to sense the erotically charged atmosphere slowly slipping away...

and you might even uncover your long neglected extrovert self Honest to God, someone actually said this. Of course, I'm conveniently ignoring the many trips, each costing thousands of dollars. And then there's the small matter of all the time and effort of writing the book and website...

Well, after I got back home from Thailand, I read that chapter again very carefully. And I've already sent her two gifts, one last week, and one this week. - "Blinded By The Light", New York, USA Or as John R. Butterflying Learn how to avoid being 'claimed' by only a single girl in a bar. That step is actually very easy, and searching for your evening companion is a big part of Thai nightlife's appeal.

says: How do you prepare yourself for being with such a beautiful, warm, happy, sexy girl for a week of romance and just plain fun without falling in love? Let's say you return to the bar from where you had previously taken a girl. After a while, you notice that the friend is both fun and looking pretty good. There's an element of random adventure when going to bars and gogos, taking your time looking, flirting, and playing around.

It's not enough to simply get two girls and hope things will work out.

The right way: Make the threesome you're hoping for become the threesome you actually get by choosing your playmates with care as described in the e Book.

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And we're not talking about doing this cheaply or with "less than ideal" company either.

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