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Here's 10p, go phone your parents and tell them you won't be home tonight.If you were a new hamburger at Mc Donald's, you would be Mc Gorgeous. When they made the alphabet they should have put U and I together.

Coupled with the price of the evening, a pretty expensive £20, this shows exactly how seriously a lot of the people there were taking the event – it was not simply an amusing night out, it was a genuine attempt to find a partner.Can you really tell if someone's 'the one' in four minutes?I went along to a speed dating event in Leicester to go on twenty dates in one night to find out.That’s the length of time you get with one person and then you're straight onto the next. No awkward silences, no looking at the watch, no time to worry about whether your date will look like your favourite film star and unlike buses, another will be right along in ten minutes!!!It's convenience dating for Christians in London, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cornwall, midlands, northern and southern England and just about everywhere else in the country are being invited to check it out. Is your surname Jacob's - because you are a real cracker!

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Speed Dater is the leader in the UK singles party market.

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