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'He was under water four minutes 36 seconds and was saved when his lifeless corpse floated next to unknown woman,' the poster explained.'Boy was resuscitated and didn't suffer permanent damage.'The footage has since been viewed more than 173,000 times on Imgur.This system consists of extensive networks of tightly-packed arterioles and veinules which carry blood countercurrent to one another, allowing heat from the venous blood (warmed by muscle contraction and other metabolic activity) to transfer efficiently to the cooler arterial blood (chilled by intimate contact with the marine environment during gas exchange at the gills), thereby conserving body heat.It is a wonderfully elegant arrangement, granting these sharks the speed, strength, and endurance benefits of warm-bloodedness without the accompanying high metabolic cost.User Irongross who posted the video, claims the boy was left unsupervised while his mother spent time in the sauna, although this statement has not as yet been verified.

Footage posted to Imgur shows the youngster struggling in the water for several minutes before losing consciousness.The child desperately tried to get a grip on the side, but just as he manages it the flow of the water pulls him away.He starts drifting towards another group of people who don't seem to see him under the water, and it's at this point that he's unable to carry on struggling.oxyrinchus), and two species of mackerel shark, the Porbeagle (Lamna nasus) and the Salmon Shark (L. The many shared structural specializations of these sharks eloquently declares their common ancestry, and strongly implies a close relationship to their more laid-back grazing cousin, the Basking Shark (Cetorhinus maximus).Swimming is an activity that burns lots of calories, is easy on the joints, supports your weight, builds muscular strength and endurance.

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This body plan features: a solidly-built, fusiform body; a sharply-pointed, conical snout pocked with large, dark eyes; a large, crescentic mouth filled with relatively few but impressively large and conspicuous teeth; large gill slits, extending almost the depth of the throat; relatively tiny second dorsal and anal fins; a narrow tail stock (properly termed a caudal peduncle) supported by stout lateral keels; and a lunate (crescent moon-shaped) caudal fin.