Twitter not updating on facebook

Posted by / 25-Aug-2017 19:57

Twitter not updating on facebook

It was about “fomenting discord about the validity of his election,” said Colin Stretch, the company’s general counsel. Sheldon Whitehouse just asked a good question: How will you measure success when it comes to cracking down on this kind of content in the future?

All three companies committed to providing answers to that question, but there isn’t time to do that now. Nevertheless, Whitehouse is getting at something that has been a major issue with this whole process — how do you measure the actual impact of these ads and posts? So far the companies have committed to stopping it, but the actual impact has been hard to determine.

All three companies have confirmed that their internal investigations are still ongoing.

pm ET: Facebook’s Stretch is now talking about how these ads from Russian accounts were targeted to users.

So even though the investigation is still ongoing, Facebook is not sitting on any additional ads that Congress doesn’t know about.Facebook’s, for example, confirms what we reported yesterday — that posts from accounts with Russian ties reached as many as 126 million people in the U. There is also an entire section on Facebook’s efforts to stop terrorists from using the platform.Facebook says it is using artificial intelligence to catch some of this terrorist propaganda. pm ET: Opening remarks are now over and committee members will now start with questions. Colin Stretch described it as a “global threat” without specifically naming any other countries.Graham asked if Iran and North Korea could also do this.

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