Updating gdb

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Updating gdb

After creating a variable object, the frontend can invoke other variable object operations—for example to obtain or change the value of a variable object, or to change display format. Any variable object that corresponds to a composite type, such as structure in C, has a number of child variable objects, for example corresponding to each element of a structure.

A child variable object can itself have children, recursively.

The expression to be shown to the user by the front end to designate this child.

For example this may be the name of a structure member.

For a leaf variable object it is possible to obtain its value as a string, or set the value from a string.

The string is generally not valid expression in the current language, and cannot be evaluated.

For another example, fetching memory is relatively slow for embedded targets, so a frontend might want to disable automatic update for the variables that are either not visible on the screen, or “closed”.

This is possible using so called “frozen variable objects”.

The pre-defined function may be used to select a visualizer by following the built-in process (see Selecting Pretty-Printers).

This is done automatically when a varobj is created, and so ordinarily is not needed.

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